We are constantly drawing inspiration from our travel stories, local crafts & cultures, landscapes and various daily objects at Indian households. Minimal interpretation of botanical elements, geometrical shapes and linear details are the core subjects of our original and unique patterns. Every creation starts with a brush stroke. Each pattern is originally hand drawn and hand painted on paper. As these motifs are used on different product ranges like ceramics, textiles, wallpapers, we carefully select the pattern mix and color combinations that compliment each other.



All our ceramics are handmade by skilled studio potters, one piece at a time. Made from stoneware clay, the first step is to bisque fire them.


Once the bisque is ready, they are sanded and surface is smoothen out to make it suitable for painting fine lines.  



For our ceramic, we work with multiple versions of the original motifs, that fits seamlessly on different shape and size of the ceramic pieces. We first draw these motifs with pencil on handmade bisque fired pieces, and then hand paint with lead-free, food safe dark grey underglaze using the finest rigger brush. Some of the motifs are created with more than hundreds of brushstrokes. Minimal yet complex nature of these motifs makes the painting process long, but the details in every drawing makes it totally worth the time ! 


Once the painting is completed, every piece is hand glazed by our studio potters and fired again to achieve the final look. Every season we carefully handpick the glaze colors that compliment the timeless look of our ceramics.
No two pieces are identical, as they are individually hand made and hand painted, and that’s what makes every piece of our tableware one of a kind !