Our Story

We believe in the art of simplicity. Minimal Indian products are created for those who believe in the idea of 'less is more'.

Handmade with love, our products are made for the homes that carry the nostalgia of a simpler time.  


I have always appreciated the beauty of old world charm and a true believer of minimal living. Minimal Indian is conceptualised to celebrate these two philosophies, where I could blend these ideas of slow living and my passion for art, design and traditional Indian crafts. 

It is made for those who consciously choose artisanal products and appreciate a simplistic design language. At minimal Indian our aim is to create products that are worth collecting and to be cherished for years to come.. 

About Adrita

Adrita has an exciting 14 years long journey in the Indian fashion industry, from apparel design to marketing and working with the Indian Handloom Sector. She holds a design degree from National Insititute of fashion Technology, Kolkata and a professional training in Fashion Marketing from London College of Fashion.

Minimal Indian reflects her belief in simplistic design sensibilities and her eternal love for ceramics and textile. Adrita founded Minimal Indian in the year 2019 with a desire to celebrate handmade artisanal products and the art of minimalism.


We draw inspiration from our travel tales, local crafts, Indian households, and landscapes. Each pattern begins with a brushstroke, originally hand-drawn and painted on paper. We experiment with various pattern mixes and glaze combinations to complement the diverse shapes of our ceramics.

The art of making Minimal Indian Tableware

All ceramics are handmade by skilled studio potters, one piece at a time.

Our signature motifs are minimal yet intricate, capturing attention with their subtle complexity.